Hot topics classes for UConn Certified Master Gardeners are offered annually in each Extension office and at the Bartlett Arboretum.  Attendance at one of these classes is a requirement to maintain active certification for Master Gardeners.  Hot topics classes are designed to provide Master Gardeners with updated horticultural and environmental information. They build upon the programs class topics and help keep Master Gardeners informed and current. There is no charge to certified master gardeners to attend the three hour class and for those working towards advanced certification status 3 credit hours are given. Image

 Classes this year feature information and management techniques summarized by Plant Pathologist Joan Allen on pathogens new to Connecticut including: Image

Impatiens Downy Mildew, (Plasmopora obducens) and Boxwood Blight (Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum).  A fascinating review of some wonderful beneficial insects was put created by MG coordinator Deb Prior and featured beautiful, original photos of these creatures taken by MG Turf instructor and caterpillar enthusiast Pamm Cooper.  Sarah Bailey, MG coordinator from the Hartford office produced a comprehensive review of Pesticide Safety, an important topic with information that is constantly changing and always challenging. Sarah’s presentation included a list of reference materials as well as web-based resources for pesticide information and biological controls.Image


In addition to the presentation the classes also offer a review of diagnostic techniques.

The power point presentations will be available to Master Gardeners when the classes have concluded on the Master Gardener Web site:


For information on upcoming Hot Topics Classes and how to register see

Leslie Alexander