The UConn Master Gardener Program offers Garden Master Classes which provide Certified Master Gardeners the opportunity to advance their horticultural training.  A catalog of these classes which are also open to members of the public is available at


On a beautiful autumn afternoon this week  a dozen Master Gardeners participated in a hands-on pruning class at the UConn Plant Science Research Farm in Storrs taught by UConn professionals, arborist John Kehoe and  horticulturist Greg Tormey.ImageImage


The class began with a review of basic pruning skills and then with John and Greg’s guidance participants sharpened their pruning skills on several shrubs and trees at the research facility.

The master gardeners took on the challenge practicing and learning new pruning techniques. 

These specimens of Japanese clethera- Clethra barbinervis were pruned into open tree-like shapes providing more sun and air circulation to decrease the likelihood of diseases plus  allowing its beautiful exfoliating bark to be seen.


John Kehoe pointed out this Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) a native fruit tree  growing with two leaders or main branches

wrapping around each other.


With John’s supervision Master Gardener Joanne Lukaszewicz did a masterful pruning job.

Leslie Alexander